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BlackJack Roofing was established in 1998 by husband and wife team Zack and Lisa Stephenson.

Zack fell in love with roofing while working for a small roofing company during his high school and college years. Lisa herself was no stranger to the roofing industry and occasionally worked for a roofing company helping with small roofing jobs.    As fate would have it the two met, yes you guessed it....on a roof top!

Soon, it was no surprise to their family and friends when the two started their own roofing company. 

Together, Zack & Lisa, along with their equally dedicated team, offer many years of roofing experience and reliable service you can count on.  Demanding the finest quality workmanship and using only the highest standards in roofing materials, is just one of the operating principles that has prevailed BlackJack Roofing for over 24 years !!     

Zack and Lisa
Certifications and Awards
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